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SPRING COLORS of Pegaz stroller!

Meet the NEW SPRING COLORS of our Pegaz stroller! Do you want to know more details? Contact the foreign sales department!  

12 years with You

  Listen up dear folks it’s time to celebrate! Today is a great day! It’s been precisely 12 years since passion and drive to help others bound 3 friends together and gave birth to MyWam brand and production of rehabilitation strollers you love so much. Our...

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Summary of 2020

Summary of 2020

The upcoming end of the year is always a time of bigger or smaller review and cogitation. It is safe to say that the 2020 has been a peculiar and staggering year – the worldwide epidemic outburst quaked our reality and affected every one of us in a greater or lesser...


Stabilizing braces are specialized padded inserts used in all kinds of wheelchairs. They are an important piece of equipment meeting the individual needs of your ward. Each additional possibility of adjusting their position has a positive effect on strengthening the...


The good news is that there is plenty to choose from. Each parent facing the purchase of a pushchair has the ability to make a careful analysis of products in terms of specific needs. It is good to make this purchase well thought out. A special needs pushchair is not...

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Let us present our new website that has been made especially for you. Our aim was to create, not only a simple product presentation, but a tool that would gather all the important information about our products and services. On the website, in addition to the essential knowledge, we are sharing with you ourexperience that we have gained during many years of working in rehabilitation field.

MyWam company was established in 2009. From the very beginning our goal was to supply good quality rehabilitation equipment for kids with disabilities, and this is what we specialise in.

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Many years of experience, specialist knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the patient – these are the foundations on which we base our work.

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