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ERH 90.COMPLETE standing frame

The ERH 90.COMPLETE standing frame allows you to stand without the use of any additional devices. It is designed for children and adolescents with neurological disease entities who are unable to obtain a standing position on their own but do require to stand upright.

MANUFACTURER: Zakład Elektromechaniczny ERHEM Hończak i Wspólnicy Sp.J.


Choosing the right medical device for a specific one disease and condition of the patient must be accomplished with the help specialist doctor or physiotherapist.

Before use, read the instructions for use and the label or consult your doctor, as this medical device may not be suitable for you.

The ERH 90 standing frame enables vertical mobility; facilitates both drainage of the urinary tract and circulatory system, simultaneously facilitating digestion processes. It also helps in reducing contractures and prevents sores.

The most important features of the standing frame:

– The height of the table can be adjusted smoothly
– Adjustment of the height, depth and width of the knee support allows the patient to stand up even in the case of knee flexion contracture.
– The foot bases in the 2D version allow you to adjust: – front-back position, abduction – rotation, width of the footwear covered
– The bases covering the feet in the 3D version additionally enable smooth adjustment of the plantar flexion of the foot. This solution is dedicated to patients with Achilles tendon contracture.
– Possibility to choose stable legs or wheels with brakes
It comes in three sizes: S, M, L

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