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21 lutego 2020 | Blog

The good news is that there is plenty to choose from. Each parent facing the purchase of a pushchair has the ability to make a careful analysis of products in terms of specific needs. It is good to make this purchase well thought out. A special needs pushchair is not only a means of transport from point A to point B, but above all a significant support in rehabilitation and everyday functioning both at home and outside.


Specialized pushchairs are created for children with cerebral palsy, myelomeningocele, as well as other diseases of the central nervous system and bones. Given the severities of dysfunctions and individual predispositions of the patient, it is good to consult a physiotherapist when choosing a pushchair. Being aware of how important the development of correct posture is at the early stage of the child’s life allows us to make this important purchase responsibly.


The primary determinant when choosing a special needs pushchair is its size. Pay special attention to the depth and width of the seat, the height of the backrest and the maximum load capacity of the pushchair.

All other elements affecting the child’s safety are equally important. Five-point belts or security vests are required. However, ensure that the chair has abduction belts protecting the child from slipping out the chair as well as inserts or adjusted stabilizing braces that, in addition to ensuring safety and correct sitting position, provide comfort.

With so many options, it is good to make a fitting to choose accessories that actually affect the child’s optimal posture, preferably under the supervision of a person having the necessary knowledge and experience.


The presence of special adjustment systems is a standard functionality for specialized manufacturers of pushchairs. The ability to adjust the angle of the seat, backrest and footrest, the possibility to adjust the depth of the seat, the cradle function or the ability to adjust the position of the seat relative to the direction of travel provide comfort during longer walks, both for the child and caregiver.

Pay attention to seemingly less important features of the pushchair, for example, the presence of a large pocket or bag, giving you the ability to carry the necessary devices or are products. With older passengers, a small moving foot is useful, greatly facilitating getting on, for example, a high curb.


Besides the obvious transport function, special needs pushchairs are ideal for indoors use as comprehensive rehabilitation tools. Models with adapted tables can be used for exercise, playing and eating meals in a safe way.

More advanced models of special needs pushchairs give us the ability to set the backrest at a lying position, making it a comfortable and safe place for a nap.


The credibility of the seller and manufacturer is also an important thing. It is good to pay attention to the actual process of customer service, the quality of the information provided, as well as the willingness to answer all our questions. It may also give you a picture of all activities associated with servicing or complaints, which is of great importance.


In the case of special needs pushchairs, the possibility of obtaining reimbursement from the National Health Fund is not without significance. The cost of buying a children’s wheelchair is relatively higher than a standard “stroller”, so 3.000 PLN of refund may provide crucial. The basis for funding is having a special order from a specialist. It is possible to receive additional funds from PCPR, MOPS or foundations such as WOŚP, TVN or POLSAT. It is also worth to collect funds on sub-accounts that deal with gift aids, such as Zdążyć z pomocą, Słoneczko, Avalon. The collected funds can also be used to pay for rehabilitation equipment.

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